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CH-8003 Zürich

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Marco Castellini, Co-President, Artistic Director

Marina Andreatta, Head of Sponsoring


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Volunteer with us.

Superar Suisse is looking for volunteers for the Superar Suisse orchestras. We aim at expanding our superar Suisse orchestras in the next months: in addition to teaching string instruments we would also like to teach brass and percussion.

Therefore we are looking for qualified musicians who could support our tutors in superar Suisse lessons in all of our orchestras. The orchestra classes take place in

Zurich-Seebach (Superar Suisse Orchestra Zurich)

Kleinbasel (Superar Suisse Orchester Basel)

Lugano (Superar Suisse Orchestra Lugano)

Do you find the teaching methodology of Superar Suisse appealing? Do you wish to actively help in one of Superar Suisse orchestras? 

Marco Castellini will give you more information: