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YOUR support

Superar Suisse is grateful for your support.

The Music classes at Superar Suisse are free of charge for the children and their parents. In this way Superar Suisse creates equal opportunities for everyone. 

Support Superar Suisse with a donation. You can support Superar Suisse with a one time donation or become a constant supporter. Below you can find various donation options explained. Superar Suisse is also very grateful for donations like vouchers for refreshments to be used at rehearsals and concerts.

Support us with your membership and become a part of Superar Suisse!

With you membership you will be part of an extraordinary initiative and support us directly in our daily work with the children of Superar Suisse.

At the moment Superar Suisse is looking for musical instruments of any kind! Do you have a violin in the basement or a trumpet standing in the corner, that you no longer need? Bring them over to us! Our children are happy about every instrument – whether string or brass, as in this way they can discover the world of music and join a Superar Suisse orchestra. If you want to bring your instrument to us, here is the address: Superar Suisse, Weststrasse 182, 8003 Zurich, Mon-Fri, 9-12 / 14-17.

You don’t have an instrument but you want to support us anyway? Your donation will allow the repair and maintenance of our instruments. Please transfer your donations to Superar Suisse, PC account CH66 0900 0000 6062 4362 3.

Do you have questions? Sandro Baumann is happy to give you more information:

Donation offers

Do you want to support a Superar Suisse kid with a unique donation?

  • SUPERAR T-Shirt for a Superar Suisse kid: CHF 20.00

  • music stand: CHF 35.00

  • monthly rent for an instrument: CHF 50.00

  • catering for the Superar Suisse kids at one of their concerts: CHF 100.00

  • trumpet/horn/trombone: CHF 250.00

  • violin: CHF 300.00

  • viola CHF 350.00

  • cello: CHF 400.00

  • transport (one way) for the Superar Suisse kids to one of their concerts: CHF 500.00

  • transport (return) for the Superar Suisse kids to one of their concerts CHF 1'000.00

  • as general support: arbitrary

Account: Superar Suisse, 8003 Zurich, IBAN CH66 0900 0000 6062 4362 3

Superar Suisse has produced the ideal gift for families, friends and fans of Superar Suisse: a DVD with the highlights of 2017's big Superar Suisse Summer Concerts at LAC Lugano and Tonhalle Zurich. A professional film team recorded the concert with several cameras, the result is amazing: Superar Suisse is also exciting on DVD!

Order the DVD here: