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Zentralstrasse 156
CH-8003 Zürich

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Marco Castellini, Co-President, Artistic Director

Marina Andreatta, Head of Sponsoring


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Superar suisse NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!

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With your membership you not only will be part of an extraordinary initiative, you also support directly our daily work with the children.

Help us to form the future of the Superar Suisse Children!

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You will be kept up to date on the latest developements of Superar Suisse. As a plus you have the chance to experience the Superar Suisse children in an exclusive performance after the annual general asselmbly.  


The charitable association Superar Suisse has been founded in 2012 and is a partner of Superar International.


Anna-Valentina Cenariu (President)
Regula Hauser

Your membership fee can be paid via payment slip which we will be pleased to send you. If you prefer to transmitt the fee via online banking, please use the following details: IBAN Verein Superar Suisse: PostFinance CH66 0900 0000 6062 4362 3